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Bridal Butterfly

1. Bring on the butterflies...and bring on a LOT! Hang fabric butterflies wherever you can - near the doorway to greet guests, above the buffet and gift tables, in the guest bathroom, etc. Many fabric butterflies come conveniently equipped for hanging already. If not, just attach them with some fishing wire or clear thread to make sure they look like they're "floating"!

2. Showcase bride-to-be in butterfly frames. Take 3-5 simple, free-standing picture frames in white or colors that match your theme. Insert different black & white photos of the bride in each of the frames, then attach floral butterflies or die-cut butterfly silhouettes to the outer edge of the picture frames so that it looks like they're perched on the frames. Put the butterflies in different spots on each of the frames to keep the display interesting!

3. Personalize drinkware with the bride's first initial. To create the monograms pictured here, just print out a sheet of paper with several copies of the bride's first initial in the font of your choice, making sure to keep a good amount of distance between each of the letters. Use a medium-sized circle hole punch to punch out the monogram, then attach it to a fun patterned drink cup with tape or foam adhesive. Before the shower starts, stack all of the cups into a pyramid for a cute display.

{photography by Smith-Studios}

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