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Bridal Butterfly

How to create the Bridal Butterfly tabletop:

For the foundation of the table, you'll need pressed white table linens, lime or bright-green wrapping paper (or fabric), and 1.5" to 2" wide fabric ribbon in a bright shade of blue.

Roll the wrapping paper out onto your table and trim it down to the correct size you need to create a "topper" or "runner". If your tables are round, trim the paper into a square with corners that are just shy of touching the edges of the table; if your tables are square or long/rectangular, run the paper down the center of the entire length of the table, leaving plenty of the white tablecloth showing on each side of the runner where the place settings will sit. Accent the "table topper" with stripes of the blue ribbon along  2 of the sides.

For the centerpiece, feature 2 or more large fabric butterflies, which you can embellish with rhinestones if they don't already come with them. Silver glitter spray is another easy way to add some shimmer! The butterflies pictured here were purchased in-store at Hallmark™ for $6 each.

To give height to the centerpiece, attach one of the butterflies towards the center/top of a large, contemporary vase. Add another smaller vase to lean your 2nd butterfly against so it can stand upright as well. You can use some of the blue fabric ribbon to embellish the vases well. (Also - make sure to choose vase colors that don't compete with the colors of your butterflies or cause them to get "lost" against each other. White is always a backdrop for your colored butterflies.)

Add some green & white flowers, a few party favors, and the bride's first initial to complete the centerpiece. Wooden initials can be found at most craft supply stores and are very inexpensive. They're also a great canvas for decorating with ribbon or rhinestones!

For the place settings, we used inexpensive paper plates in a bold floral pattern and cocktail napkins in a coordinating colors, but a different pattern design to add interest.  The "silverware" shown here is actually plastic even though it looks like the real thing! This "traditional look silverware" can be purchased online and is a great way to keep your look upscale and your budget down, even if you have a lot of guests.