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CENTERPIECE #1: Tall Butterfly Bouquet

You'll need:
tall glass vase
bleached mitsumata branches
sand or white rocks
artificial butterflies
satin ribbon
chipboard initial for personalization (optional)

Fill the bottom of the vase with sand, then add the mitsumata branches and arrange as desired. Next, hot glue the butterflies onto the branches. For the finishing touch, embellish the vase with a band of satin ribbon and a chipboard initial featuring the first letter of the bride's name.


CENTERPIECE #2: Butterfly Meadow Mat

You'll Need:
green moss sheet or grass mat
artificial butterflies
decorative rocks
white paint for rocks (optional)

Hot glue the butterflies onto the decorative stones/rocks*, then place them all around the moss or grass mat. Be sure to vary the sizes of butterflies and stones to add interest to the arrangement.

*Note: If you want to use white stones and are unable to find them, use white paint (with a flat or matte finish) to create your own. (The white stones used here were purchased at Pottery Barn.)


Place Settings:

Embellish white napkins with a double layer of ribbon and a small artificial butterfly. Glue the butterflies onto small stones or vase gems before placing them on the napkins to help them stay upright.

Give stemware a fresh look by completely wrapping the stems with green floral tape. (Because floral tape is sticky on one side, it will stay put on its own!)

Disposable bamboo buffet plates add a pretty, earthy element to the table without the hassle of clean-up!


Shopping Resources:
• Mitsumata Branches - Save-on-Crafts or Nettleton Hollow
• Bamboo Plates - Amazon
• Green Moss Sheets - Save-on-Crafts

Artificial Butterflies:
Heart to Heart Gifts
GG Distributors