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1. Line glass vases with slices of oranges and lemons. Keep the slices in place by inserting a small vase inside a larger one, with about 1/2" space between the sides of the vases. Drop the slices into the space between the vases, and use the inside vase to hold flowers.

2. Fill mini flower pots and small glass vases with opaque orange and white vase gems and faux orange blossom branches.

3 Create a pretty drink display from an array of bottled orange & citrus beverages.

4. Use orange and yellow paper lanterns to dress up food & beverage tables.

5. Set out bowls of themed candies such as jelly beans,  lemon-drops, candy-coated chocolates, jelly rings, and sugar-coated orange slices (jelly candies).

6. For your party favors, decorate mini flower pots with bands of ribbon, and fill with pretty, petite flowers.

7. Decorate large wooden block letters in the bride and groom"s initials with craft paint and patterned ribbon. Create a "+" sign from 2 short strips of ribbon. Also try this with words/phrases such as "LOVE", "I DO", "BRIDE" or the bride"s first name.