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Tabletop Tips:

1. If you're having a lot of guests, purchasing enough "regular" placemats for everyone might be a bit much. Not to worry - you can create your own (super affordable) placemats from 12x12" scrapbook paper - or by folding down one side of a dinner-sized paper napkin to create a rectangle!

2. For the centerpiece, flip a small white bowl upside down to act as a pedestal for  larger bowl. Fill the bowl with oranges and small flowers.

3. Roll napkins and tie with contemporary patterned ribbon in coordinating colors.

4. Use a 1" circle-shaped craft punch and rubber stamp to create custom drink tags featuring the bride's first initial. Tie the tags to the stems of champagne or wine glasses.

5. Instead of names, display quotes on love & marriage in placecard holders. Print the quotes from your computer, or use store-bought scrapbooking stickers (as shown here).