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1. Get playful with fishing bobbles, die-cut fish in contemporary patterns that match your place cards, and more fish plushies. Attach the die-cut and little foam fish from clear thread or fishing wire - and hang them wherever you can. Lighting fixtures, Mitsumata branches, doorways, mantles and stairwells are all great spots for hanging - or mix them in with orange, white and blue paper lanterns for a dramatic display! Remember to variate the heights of the hanging fish and lanterns for a more appealing display.

2. Fill clear glass tumbers 1/4 way with light sand to create votive holders for orange and white candles.

3. Embellish the buffet tables, drink display, and gift table with white coral, starfish, and sea shells.

4. Look for simple & modern fish-shaped or fish-themed serveware and dishes. The fish-shaped serving dishes shown here were purchase in-store at Home Goods.

5. Hang cute signs the feature the couple's name, initials, and well-wishing wedding sentiments from fishing wire and hooks. This is also a great idea for a front-door greeting sign for guests.

6. Goldfish crackers and pretzels are an obvious must! Set bowls of them everywhere - they're just as useful for decorating as they are for eating!