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The "Hooked" tabletop is all about bright splashes of color and a fresh "beachy" feel with definite modern appeal.

Start with fresh white linens and brightly-colored plates. Orange salad plates with a bold graphic pattern are a great accent to solid blue or blue-banded dinnerware. Translucent flatware adds a cool, "watery" affect. We found the clear, bubble-filled flatware pictured here in-store at ikea - only $15/service for 4! Other good flatware options include clear, translucent blue, or frosted-handle designs - or even clear plastic/acrylic party utensils. If you opt for plastic, just make seek out the nicest, sturdiest material you possibly can find - as the quality will definitely vary between brands!

Create cute placecards from sturdy notecards or cardstock in contemporary patterns. Fold the cardstock in lengthwise in half so the placecards will stand on their own. Next, glue a die-cut paper or foam fish to the center of the placecard and write your guests' names on the fish. The placecards pictured here were cut from Pinkerton Design's [pattern name] - and the foam fish were purchased in-store at Michael's.

The ultra-hip, silver and blue label of Metromint peppermint water makes for a fantastic  accent to the Hooked tabletop design.. if budget permits, dress up each of your place settings with one of these cool little bottles.

The Centerpiece
The star of this centerpiece is an adorable "Gilly the Fish" plush toy by Ty. Sit him next to large glass vases filled with sand, Mitsumata branches, and white coral and starfish. Personalize the centerpiece with the bride-to-be or couple's first initials in large wooden letters.

For the finishing touches, sprinkle the table with clear or translucent blue vase gems (look for the kind with little "bubbles" inside") and more of the little orange foam fish.

{photography by Smith-Studios}