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For your Love in Paradise party decor, repeat the decorative elements and ideas from the tabletop design, keeping everything simple, modern, and elegant. Use only solid-colored dishware, vases, accent papers, and table linens so that the beauty of the orchid flower remains in the spotlight.

1. Showcase single stems of orchids in contemporary vases or lay them out horizontally to decorate different party areas - such as drink displays and gift tables.

2. Use the same wooden letters from the tabletop to personalize the party for bride-to-be. Stand her first initial in trays of sand elevated with small upside-down bowls.

Search for calendars, prints, and stock photos featuring beautiful orchid flowers to use as backdrops for tables and drink displays. Create a beautiful "photoscape" by lining up contemporary picture frames side-by-side in one long row, and alternating the pictures featured in the frames between photos of the bride-to-be and beautiful images of the flowers. This idea also works great with single frames that feature areas for more than one photo.

4. Set out purple tea lights in sand-filled dipping dishes and lime-green votive candles in glass tumblers, also filled part of the way up with sand. If your party is at night, adorn the room with white twinkle lights and lime green, plum, and purple paper lanterns!

{photography by Smith-Studios}