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Tabletop Tips:

1. Cut a large square from a roll of colorful gift wrap and layer it over your tablecloth to create a quick & easy custom tabletopper!

2. For the centerpiece, flip a small white bowl upside down to act as a pedestal for  larger bowl. Lay 1 or 2 orchid stems (fresh or faux with multiple blooms) in the large bowl with part of the stem(s) hanging over the edge. Elegant simplicity!

3. Decorate the area around the centerpiece with contemporary block letters that spell out "LOVE" or the bride's/couple's names, and DIY tropical tealight holders, created from small white dipping dishes filled with sand and a colorful tealight.

4. Customize place settings to match the colors of your flowers. Fold linen or dinner-sized paper napkins into small squares by folding each of the napkin's 4 corners in towards one another, then top the squares with a generously-sized fresh or faux orchid bloom.

5. Wrap the stems of cocktail glasses with simple green floral tape for an organic feel, and garnish regular drinking glasses with a fresh orchid bloom.