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1. Find inspiration in your kitchen! Cooking tools, mixing bowls, measuring cups and kitchen gadgets are all fantastic decoratives that can easily be found in affordable styles and also double as gifts. Actual baking ingredients even make for great party (brand new!) bags of sugar, brown sugar, flour, baking powder, chopped nuts, cake mixes and chocolate chips together in creative ways.

2. Embellish vases, drinking glasses, and water bottles with strips of patterned scrapbook paper. Further customize water bottles with monograms or initials.

3. Create a decorative display from hard-boiled eggs, ribbon, and a white plastic colander. Wrap 1-2 bands of thin black ribbon around each egg of the eggs for a modern-minimalist look. (Helpful Hint: Fill the lower half of the colander with tissue paper or filler so that you don't have to decorate a gazillion eggs!)

4. Decorate contemporary picture frames with plastic eating utensils, which can be attached with easily removeable scotch or double-stick tape.

5. Serve White Russians, Colorado Bulldogs, or another signature white drink from old-fashioned milk carafes.