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How to create the Modern Kitchen tabletop:

Start with basic white dishware and table linens, then add a bold palette of bright reds and rich black. Solid and patterned scrapbook papers serve as placemats for the place settings and the foundation for the centerpiece. Opt for fun, dramatic paper patterns such as stripes, argyle, and bold shapes or silhouettes. Different styles of napkin rings in red and black add a charming, eclectic element to the design.

The Centerpiece
The best thing about the Modern Kitchen centerpiece is that it doubles as a collection of gifts for the new couple! Useful kitchen tools such as spatulas, spoons, measuring cups, and even an egg slicer take center-stage in this design and look great when grouped together. Display the spatulas and spoons in glass vases filled with opaque white candle gems, flip small white bowls and dipping dishes upside down to serve as stands for the measuring cups, and hang measuring spoons from vases filled with white flowers.

The next-best thing about this centerpiece is that you might have some of the decoratives in your pantry already! Fill the measuring cups with baking staples such as flour, sugar and chopped nuts to give the design a more authentic kitchen feel.

Finishing Touches
To personalize the table, incorporate the bride & groom's initials into the centerpiece with die-cut or adhesive letters and add rub-on transfers of wedding sentiments to the dishware. Finalize the table with a picture of the happy couple – showcased in a contemporary frame that has been embellished with plastic eating utensils!