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Golden Branches: Spray paint curly willow or branches (such as manzanita or mitsumata) a shiny, metallic gold, then decorate the gold branches with decorative crystals or hanging tea light holders.

Decorate colored glass vases with festive ribbons & costume jewelry, then fill with giant gold leaves or branches. (Gold Monstera Leaf - $4.39 at Z Gallerie)

Set out themed accessories like Moroccan table lanterns, decorative tagines, and candleholders.

Festive Candlelight Trio: Take 3 glass cylinders at varying heights and wrap the bottom 1/3” – 1-2” of each with decorative scrapbook paper or fabric featuring a Moroccan-inspired print. Next, fill each cylinder part way with water and a jewel-toned or metallic gold floating candle.

"Gold Leaf" Candle Display: Line the bottom of a glass cylinder with metallic gold stones, then fill the glass 2/3 with water. Coil tropical leaves or grasses and submerge them in the water, near the walls of the cylinder, then top with a metallic gold floating candle. Adorn the outside of the cylinder with decorative crystals, ribbon, or a special message.

Hang colorful paper lanterns from trees and chandeliers. Decorate the lanterns with decorative trims, fringe, gold tassels, and colorful satin or chiffon ribbon.

Set out glass bowls filled with colorful, jewel-toned candies like M&M'S® PREMIUMS all throughout the party.

Paint planters and vases metallic gold or copper. Use them to hold tropical leaves/greenery, or flip them upside down and use them as glitzy pedestals for serving trays or pillar candles.

Decorate pillar candles with strips of Moroccan-inspired papers and costume jewelry.


Colorful Chocolate Dessert Buffet:
Create a festive dessert buffet featuring a chocolate fountain and several bite-sized desserts and treats. Keep to the theme by displaying all of the treats in colored glass and shimmery gold serving trays and containers.

Flip several glass cups or votives upside down to act as pedestals for serving bowls. Fill each bowl with a different color of M&M'S® PREMIUMS to create a pretty, jewel-toned presentation.


Personalize it: Purchase wooden letters from a craft supply store that spell out an ocassion-appropriate message like “Happy Birthday”, "Bride" or the guest of honor’s name. Paint the letters gold, then embellish them with craft rhinestones, ribbon, and beads to match the party theme.

Themed Servers: Wrap short glass cylinders with Moroccan-inspired scrapbook papers, then use them as pedestals for gold charger plates.

Hang colorful paper lanterns from trees and chandeliers. Decorate the lanterns with decorative trims, fringe, gold tassels, and colorful satin or chiffon ribbon.

Take it to the floor: For an intimate party, it’s fun to celebrate at low tables with floor pillows instead of the standard table and chairs. If you don’t own a low table, you can create one from a large piece of plywood propped up with cinder blocks, milk crates, book stacks, or small coffee tables. Once your Moroccan-themed table coverings are in place, no one will know the difference!

For the seating, gather any large pillows that you already own, hit up the discount stores, or borrow from friends, then recover with fabrics that match the table.


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