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Keep your party decor simple, modern and elegant!

1. Place simple, monochromatic flower arrangements in several contemporary blue vases of varying shapes and sizes. Check your local craft and floral supplies or places like Target, IKEA, and Crate & Barrel for sleek, affordable vases.

2. The little blue boxes from the place settings also work great as decoratives elsewhere in the party - especially when grouped and stacked neatly together.

3. Request ahead of time that guests bring their gifts wrapped in shades of blue and cream. This way, the gift table doubles as party decor, AND bride-to-be will have a bunch of BIG blue boxes to open as well!

4. A large diamond-ring shaped paper weight adds a pretty "bridal" touch and coordinates with the rhinestones decals on the party favors.

5. Tie blue satin ribbons onto the stems of all the champagne glasses...except for one. Give the guest of honor a cream or bridal-white ribbon tie instead!

{photography by Smith-Studios}