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How to create the Something Blue tabletop:

Start with a canvas of crisp white or cream table linens. Next, take scrapbook paper in 3-4 contemporary, coordinating designs  and use them as placemats for each of the place settings. Make sure to spread the patterns apart so that each placemat is unique from the one on it's right and left.

Fold cream-colored, dinner-sized napkins into small squares by folding each of the 4 corners of the original square in towards each other until the 4 corners touch, resulting in a smaller square. Center the napkins on top of solid blue or blue-banded plates.

Next, place petite blue boxes decorated with bands of cream ribbon and rhinestone decals directly in the middle of the napkin. These cute little packages can be filled with candies and double as the shower favors!

A simple, elegant bouquet of white flowers works perfectly for the centerpiece. For the arrangement pictured here, you'll actually need 2 glass vases. A smaller vase which holds the flowers and water sits inside of a larger vase, and the space in-between the walls of the 2 vases is filled with shimmery metallic gift-wrap shred/filler. (It will make life much easier if you get the 2 vases and filler situated together to your liking first - and add the flowers and water in last!)

{photography by Smith-Studios}