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Set the tone with a mod-organic color palette.
Get an organic, yet modern feel by starting with earthy tones such as chartreuse greens and rich browns, then mix them in with hints of lime and bright white for contemporary appeal.

Go graphic with gorgeous, patterned placemats.

Beautiful, patterned placemats with a botanical feel are the well-deserved guest of honor in this tabletop setting. We used reversible paper placemats in the “Sage” pattern from Whimsy Press ( – or you can improvise with
your own favorite gift wrap or scrapbooking paper. (Whimsy's  "Dot Garden" pattern would also be a great choice for this look.)

Keep the table linens simple & “serene”.
Make sure the patterned placemats remain center-stage in this design by opting for solid table linens everywhere else.

Get festive with an easy-as-pie holiday centerpiece!

A large, white ceramic bowl and a bunch of limey-green ball ornaments with shiny and frosted matte finishes are all you need to create this beautiful, yet minimalist centerpiece. To keep things interesting, choose a dish with sleek product
lines and a unique shape. We chose a large, boat-shaped bowl from Target, as seen in the photos above – or you can go for the gusto with something really out-of-the-ordinary – such  as the beautiful “Cactus Bowl” from Chiasso (shown to the right in the suggested products area).

Details, details...
Warm up the table with a few tealights in green glass tealight holders...spruce up the wine glasses by wrapping festive silver berries (available at most craft-supply stores) in bunches around the stems, and dress up the napkins by folding them into simple
squares and setting a white stone or opaque white candle gem in the center of the square. (Candle gems are available at candle stores and most craft and floral supply stores.)