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Start your table off with a a milk chocolate brown tablecloth, then add a red runner down the center of the table. If you don’t have a red runner, this can easily be created by folding a red tablecloth lengthwise. (Both tablecloths picture here are from the Target Home collection). Line the runner with white ric-rac ribbon, which can simply be placed along the edges; no sewing required! (Unless of course you want to go that extra mile!)

Silver chargers, simple white plates, and red and chocolate napkins make for a pretty place setting. Create napkins to look like gifts by folding them into approximately 5” squares, wrapping them a band of decorative paper and ribbon, then tieing on gift tags, which can also double as your place cards! (The gift tags and decorative paper pictured here are from the Martha Stewart Crafts line - see sidebar for retail info.) Embellish the bottom of  glasses with a band of white or red ribbon, and hang a candy cane over the edge.

For the centerpiece, a large footed vase filled with contemporary red and brown potpourri is just about as easy as it gets and looks great! (Both the footed vase and modern potpourri mix pictured here are also from Target.) 

Next, warm it up with some candlelight! On either side of the main centerpiece vase, set two brown pillar candles placed on short footed glass pedastals. Embellish the pillar candles with decorative paper and ribbon, then hot-glue an opaque white vase gem to the center of the candle. Paper-wrapped votive holders also look adorable. Make sure you use a paper that coordinates with the paper and gift tags used on your napkins and pillar candles - but isn't exactly the same. This will add interest to the tabletop design. You can also create your own gift tags from the same paper you use on the votives.  Further embellish the votive holders with a band of ribbon, insert some candles, and – voila – done!