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Linens & Place Settings:
• Start with a crisp white table cloth, then add a purple table runner. (The runner pictured here is simply an 18" wide strip of sparkly purple gift wrap paper we found in-store at Target!)

• Go for the gold, starting with gold charger plates as your foundation. Inexpensive gold charger plates (for as little as $2-$3 each) are widely available at places like Target and Linens-n-Things and often sold in sets for 4 to 12. For a more luxurious version of gold chargers, check out the gorgeous Marrakech Chargers from Crate&Barrel. (gold leaf handpainted finish, $18.95 ea) 

• Incorporate more golden touches with gold napkins, napkin rings, flatware, and ball ornament placecard holders. (All of these items used in the imagery here were purchased in-store at Target.)

• Fill a large white bowl with gold and purple ball ornaments in various finishes - shiny, matte frost, and glitter. Place more ornaments and votive candles on either side of the bowl. Set the ornaments on tealight holders to keep them in place. (The purple tealight holders shown here are available at Crate&Barrel for .99 each.)

• Directly behind the bowl, set 2 golden reindeer (available in-store at Micheal's), facing in-ward toward each other, then place a small ornament stand decorated with purple and gold ornaments between the deer.

Gold Reindeer - Michael's
Glittery Purple Spiral Ball Ornament - Micheal's
Purple Tealight Holders - Crate&Barrel
Estate Wine Glasses - Crate&Barrel
Gold Napkins - Target
Gold Napkin Rings - Target ($5/set of 2)
Ornament Stand - Target
Boat-Shaped White Bowl - Target
Gold Flatware - Target
Purple Wrapping Paper - Target
Gold & Purple Ornaments - Target
Ornament Place Card Holders - Target