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There are tons of things you can do for Santa Baby-themed party décor. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Create more of the ornament-filled martini glasses and wrapped and santa-themed vases to use throughout the party. Fill them with red and white flowers or more of the glittered floral filler.
  • Fill large decorative white bowls with red and silver ball ornaments. Line the rim of the bowls with red or white feather boa, if possible (depending on the shape of the bowl).
  • Line the food and drink areas with feather boas (preferably a larger, fluffier size than those used on the vases).
  • Use red velvet fabric (reminiscent of a Santa Suit) as tablecloths for your food & drink tables.
  • For a playful touch to your party, offer guests red and white feather boas and santa hats to wear when they arrive at the party.