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Keep things fun and casual! Set up a make-it-yourself Hot Dog station complete with Ball Park Franks, hot dog buns, and lots of different toppings and spreads. Then let guests have fun choosing their own toppings and making their own gourmet dogs.

Make sure the toppings are easy to find by serving them in white or clear dishes. This will help give your spread a clean, modern look. Add labels to each dish. You can download blank versions of the tent card labels pictured above right here and customize them with your own toppings! Use the free font "Varsity" for a similar look & feel.

Dress up retro ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles with a checkered picnic cloth pattern to give them a fun look. We used checkered paper napkins to dress up the bottles pictured here. You can find both items online or at party supply stores like Party City.

Red and Yellow plastic baskets are always great for an outdoor BBQ! These add a fun, casual feel to the table, are easy for guests to carry, and eliminate the worry of broken glass dishes. ($3.99/set of 6 at Party City)

Frame a few recipe ideas and display them along the bar as creative suggestions for hot dogs. You can find lots of fun recipes at We chose 4 regional favorites to display here: Texas Chili Dog, Carolina Hot Dog, L.A. West Coast Dog, and D.C. Monumental Dog. You can download the themed printable for each of these recipes right here (for free!).



You'll need:
– Printable Hot Dogs Sign (download free here)
– Rectangular Ceramic vase
– 1.5 Floral Foam Bricks
– Corn Chips for filler
– Small Wooden Dowel Rods (available at craft stores)
– tape or hot glue
– red & white checkered "picnic tablecloth" pattern (paper or material)

Cut the foam down to fit into the vase. Wedge extra pieces in any gaps to ensure a snug fit. (The foam will be completely covered, so it doesn't have to look perfect!)

Decorate the outside of the vase with the "picnic tablecloth" pattern. You can use paper, fabric, or do what we did here and cut a strip from an inexpensive plastic picnic tablecloth found in the camping aisle at Target. (The tablecloth was only $7 and we used it to embellish this entire party, with plenty of material leftover!)

Attach 2 wooden dowels to the back of the printable Hot Dogs sign, one on either side. Secure the dowels with tape or hot glue.

Insert the dowels + sign into the foam-filled vase.

Cover the foam with corn chips.

Done… and ready to display on your Hot Dog Station!