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Ghoul's Night Halloween Party

Ghoulish Drink Display:
• Wrap wine bottles with decorative black Halloween paper - such as the spiderweb pattern pictured here, then adorn the new "label" with a rhinestone skull motif! (Rhinestone skulls pictured here are scrapbooking embellishments by Me and My Big Ideas.)

• Add a girlie touch to your drink display with a hot pink wine opener! (Added bonus: 10% of the proceeds from the cool Pink Twist Wine Opener pictured above benefits breast cancer research.)

• Glue tiny hot pink rhinestone crystals over one eye of several plastic skull novelty rings, then slip them onto the stems of your wine or cocktail glasses for perfectly-themed drink charms!

Decorative Extras & Fun Ideas:
• Paint regular or faux craft pumpkins with black and pink craft paint and sprinkle matching glitter on while the paint is still wet (may require more than one coat of paint, especially for pink).

• Black and pink boas, black feather wreaths, hot pink costume beads, and foam tombstones are all great choices for Ghoul's Night party decór.

• Set out a bunch of themed costume makeup and props, such as black lipstick, glittery false eyelashes, black feather boas, and black or glow-in-the-dark nail polish. Invite guests to "adorn themselves at their own risk" - and make sure to capture the results on camera!


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