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Party Drinks
For adults, serve a Halloween cocktail such as orange Jack-o-Tini’s. For the Kids, offer a yummy drink such as Phantom Punch - which is perfect for sipping from their googly-eyed cups!

Party Favors
Send guests off with cool Chinese take-out boxes filled with leftover treats, candy, or cookies that they decorated at the party. Choose a fun pattern that matches your theme, and embellish the boxes with spooky sayings and plastic spiders.

Make sure to have lots of fun activities available for the kids so that you can find some time to socialize with your adult friends. Set up a Halloween Bone Hunt for the kids ahead of time and a special “fun area” with activity tables for coloring, crafts, and cookie decorating. If you’re having a dinner party that will run into the evening hours, decorate a special movie area for the kids with popcorn and Halloween candy, then play a themed movie such as Disney’s Monster’s, Inc. or  Sony’s Monster House. This way the kids can relax and enjoy the movie while you enjoy some adult conversation!