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For a party that caters to both kids and adults, it's a great idea to create separate tables for each – then decorate them in a way that coordinates, but obviously differentiates between the 2 age groups.

Kids Table:
Start with a playful palette of bright purples, oranges, and greens for your table linens and partyware. Use patterned scrapbook paper for placemats and embellish plastic forks with novelty orange spider rings. Want to make the kids really happy? Set a small decorated sugar cookie or halloween toy near the edge of each plate. That should do the trick!

Glue plastic "googly eyes" onto kids-size paper cups to instantly bring them to life, and set orange soda or juice packaged in cool bottles next to the cups.

Kids Table Centerpiece: Instead of using a traditional pumpkin for your centerpiece, try creating your own cute pumpkin creature from an orange glass bubble vase and a small house plant. Set the plant inside the vase and attach 2 large googly eyes and a construction-paper mouth to the outside. Voila - instant pumpkin! To give your centerpiece some height, flip a small black bowl upside down and use it as a pedastal. For the finishing touches, sprinkle glittered spiders in purple, orange, and black all around the centerpiece.


Adults Table:

Start with the same palette of purples, oranges and greens for the adult table's partyware, but incorporate a black tablecloth and orange table runner for a more sophisticated feel. (The orange table runner pictured here is actually an inexpensive window panel available in-store at IKEA!)

Use only one version of the patterned scrapbook paper for placemats to keep the table from feeling too busy and vary or reverse the tableware colors from the kids version. For example, use white plates and black plastic spiders on the adult table in lieu of the orange plates and orange spiders on the kids table. Embellish adult-size plastic drink cups with non-junvenile Halloween stickers and spooky sayings, and wrap cocktail stemware with colorful chenille craft stems. Coffin-shaped boxes of skeleton-piece chocolates placed on the table make for fun decorative accents and after-dinner treats!

Adult Table Centerpiece: For a look that coordinates with the kids centerpiece but is decidedly more adult, fill simple glass vases with floating candles and opaque white vase gems, then adorn the vases with Halloween window-gel silhouettes. So easy!!