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Beware of the signature drink!

Set out "special" cocktail glasses for your signature drink. Use novelty plastic skull rings as drink charms, and embellish the glasses with ominous stickers flaunting descriptives such as "Infested" and "Poison". Really, when else besides Halloween could you actually get away with serving guests a drink labeled "Poison"?! (And when else would they so eagerly accept?!)

Liquid Decór
Choose mixers and alcohol that actually coordinate with your color scheme. For example black Blavod vodka (yes, the vodka itself is actually BLACK!), Orange Smirnoff, and Monster Energy Drink's "Khaos" flavor - which not only says "Monster" on it, but also comes packaged in an orange and black can!

Spooking the Mood
Create a quick and easy spooky backdrop for your food, bar or drink displays using styrofoam tombstones and decorative black crows. Set out black serving trays and beverage napkins with contemporary designs, and further embellish with fun extras like skeleton parts table sprinkles and "Beware" Caution Tape.

Crawling the Walls
For super easy and inexpensive party decór accents, fill black, white, or silver frames with the same scrapbook paper used on your table. You can even use frames you already own and just "borrow" them from throughout your house. Adorn the outside of the frame's glass panel with Halloween window gels - such as the black skull shown in the picture above - and voila! - cool & easy "art" for your party.