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Set a dinner table guaranteed to impress even the most stylish ghouls and goblins!
Create placemats from orange & black scrapbook paper with a hip, modern design. Find scrapbook embellishments that match your paper design, and glue or string them on orange ribbon to create coordinating napkin rings.

Slip plastic spider rings on the stems of wine glasses to up the spook factor, and add a band of decorative ribbon to the base of water glasses to tie everything together.

For a chic centerpiece, create 3 small, tight bunches of orange roses in white flower pots. Decorate the pots with bands of ribbon and set them on small squares of decorative scrapbook paper. Place votive candles & holders between the flower pots, and decorate the holders with ominous phrases such as "Corrosive" "Warning" and "Danger". (We used Mad Scientist Stickers from Martha Stewart Crafts) Embellish the centerpiece with skeleton parts sprinkles for the finishing creepy touch!