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Popcorn Treat Bags
Could there be a more appropriate treat for a movie awards party than popcorn? We think not! Popcorn is perfect for both a pre-dinner savory snack or a post-dinner sweet treat (think caramel corn, kettle corn, etc). Add some awards show glam to your party popcorn by serving it in individually-sized snack bags adorned with festive Hollywood Glam Popcorn Labels!


Best Picture Vases
Simple flower arrangements take a movie star twist when displayed in cylinder vases that have been wrapped with bold patterns and adorned with the names of the Best Picture Nominees! Download the decorative patterns right here and the Nominee Names right here. (If you prefer to feature something other than the Nominee Names, we also have blank labels available!)

Use double-stick tape to secure the paper wraps to the vases, and feature different sizes of cylinder vases to add interest to the arrangements. For added “bling”, embellish some of the labels with craft rhinestones and fill the bottom of the bases with a metallic gold vase filler.


Signature Drink + Nominee Drink Charms

Every glamorous celebration calls for champagne! But if you're more of a wine or cocktail person, that's fine too... this is YOUR party after all! Whatever you're toasting with, dress it up for the occasion by pre-setting up the glasses on a metallic gold tray or charger plate, and decorating each glass with a drink charm created from our printable Hollywood Glam Round Party Tags.

Because the tags feature different categories like “Best Picture”, “Best Actress”, etc, these DIY drink charms also serve as markers to help guests distinguish which glass is theirs!

To create the drink charms, you’ll need the printable template, a 2” craft punch, a hole punch, and thin ribbon. First, cut the template into 2 rows, then use the punch to cut the circles out. (Tip: Flip the punch and printed template upside down before punching so that you can see and control the exact placement of the punch.) Finally, punch a small hole to thread the ribbon through and tie the charm to your stemware.


Novelty Décor
Set out themed awards show elements like movie awards statues, movie reels, director's clapboards, and more. Use our nominee labels to customize the awards statues  with your favorite contenders!



Go Metallic! Use metallic silver or gold spray paint (available at craft supply stores) to add some glitz to manzanita branches, picture frames, & vintage urns and pots to use as vases. For extra shimmer, dust the paint with fine glitter while still wet, or hang crystal beads and ornaments from the branches.

Serve finger foods and treats in plastic gold pedestal floral holders. These are lightweight & inexpensive, usually running between $2-$4 each, depending on the size.

Line trays with the same patterned papers used elsewhere in your party to help tie everything together. You can download the patterns used above right here.

Display Movie Posters of the Best Picture Nominees throughout the party. This is a great way to make a big impact on the party space! Ask guests to "autograph" the poster that they think will win. (You can have them sign a sheet next to the poster if you plan to re-use it after the party and don't want their signatures on it.)