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Place Settings:
• Layer white plates on top of Metallic Gold Charger plates. (You can find acrylic gold charger plates for as little as $2-$3 each.)

Fold napkins into an “envelope fold” and embellish them with our themed printable napkin wraps, which read “The Envelope Please…” or “And The Winner Is…”.

Personalize place settings for your guests with our Hollywood Glam Place Cards. Like the look of the font we used here? It’s called Budmo Jiggler and you can download it for free right here!

• Customize champagne flutes or other stemware with Category Nominee Drink Charms. You’ll need the printable template, a 2” craft punch, a hole punch, and thin ribbon. First, cut the template into 2 rows, then use the punch to cut the circles out. (Tip: Flip the punch and printed template upside down before punching so that you can see and control the exact placement of the punch.) Finally, punch a small hole to thread the ribbon through and tie the charm to your stemware.

• Add some extra glam and sparkle to the table with candlelight and metallic gold votive holders.


“Best Picture” Centerpiece

Fill square or rectangular vase with {wet} floral foam and yellow & white flowers such as roses, mums, acacia, and mimosa. To add a little “glam” to the centerpiece, cover the floral foam with a layer of metallic gold vase beads (poured after the flowers are already inserted), and weave a few picks of rhinestone floral spray into the flowers.

Decorate the vase with printable Hollywood Glam patterns and printable Best Picture Nominee Labels. (Customized the centerpiece with your own favorite contenders!) We used pop-up dots to give a little extra dimension to the Best Picture labels featured on the vases above, but you can also use glue dots or double-stick tape to adhere them.

Want even more sparkle? Further embellish the vase and labels with adhesive craft rhinestones or rhinestone strands.