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The Lavender, Lilac, & Lime tabletop is all about sleek white dishware, beautiful flowers, and – of course – shades of lavender, lilac, and lime!  The overall feel should be refreshing & breezy...

Start with white table linens and add a green fabric or "gift wrap" runner. For the place settings, keep things simple - white dishware, green accent plates, and simple wine & water glasses, set atop lavender cocktail napkins. Set a single stem of lavender or lilac flower in the center of each setting, and attach placecards to each stem with ribbon.

To keep things affordable, and/or if you have a lot of guests, you can substitute the ceramic dishware for sturdy paperware in rich purple, white and lime green. (Check out the last 2 photos above to see images of this alternate version.)

The Centerpiece
You'll need 2 contemporary white vases and a sleek white pitcher & gravy boat for your centerpiece design. Fill the vases with lavender, lilac, and green willow or moss balls, and add purple tea or votive candles along the length of the runner.

Personalize the table with a framed photo of bride-to-be or mom & kids – and embellish on of the vase with her first initial using die-cut letters such as the lime green Chip Chatter Gellies  pictured here.