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You'll need:
• 5 or more pillar candles
• colored cardstock (in your choice of colors)
• chipboard numbers with a glittered or metallic finish

• small risers and/or cylinder vases (pictured above: 3 mirrored risers, 2 vases)
• ornaments and silver bead garland as accents

1. Wrap each pillar candle with a piece of cardstock to create a "sleeve", alternating between the 2 colors of cardstock. Bind the paper sleeves with glue or double-stick tape to minimize the seams.
2. Accent each sleeve with a smaller strip of the opposite color paper.
3. Hot glue chipboard numbers to the paper sleeves and arrange them in "countdown" order.

4. Place candles on small mirrored risers or cylinder vases flipped upside down and filled with sparkly ornaments or other festive accents.
5. Embellish the area around the centerpiece with a metallic bead garland.

Tip: Be sure to leave sufficient space above the paper sleeve for the candle to burn for quite a while without nearing the paper, or create an alternative version: first place candles in cylinder vases, then decorate the outside of the glass vases instead of the candles.


• Create a table runner from your favorite metallic gift wrap, such as the Silver/Blue Metallic Wrap pictured above. ($7.95/roll at Crate and Barrel)

• Line the edge of the runner with a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" message using metallic or glittery chipboard letters.

• Dress up place settings with inexpensive silver charger plates.

• Fold napkins into squares, then embellish them with silver ribbon and glittery ornaments, such as these fun Starbursts from Crate & Barrel. ($1.95 ea)

• Give champagne flutes a festive feel with sparkly, sheer ribbon and small pieces of silver bead garland tied around the base of the stems.


Shopping Resources:
Porcelain Lines Dinner Plates - $19.99/set of 4 at Target
Twinkle Type Glitter Chipboard Letters - Joann
Pillar Candles - Target (in store)
Mirrored Risers - check out your local craft and floral supply stores
Starburst Ornaments - $1.95 at Crate & Barrel
Silver/Blue Metallic Wrap - $7.95 at Crate & Barrel
Silver Charger Plates - $2.40 each at Save-On-Crafts