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• Adorn table surfaces with ball ornaments displayed in tea light or votive holders.

• Fill tall glass cylinder vases with lots of colorful, festive ornaments.

• Embellish flower arrangements with colorful sequin spray.

• Decorate the outside of glass cylinders with colorful satin or sequined ribbon, then fill with colorful vase gems and a pillar candle.

For a New Year's Eve party, create a cool decorative display using clocks and various sizes of colorful ball ornaments. Stand the clocks up either on their own or with display stands if necessary, then surround them with tons of ball ornaments, held in place with tea light holders. Use various sizes and colors of ornaments to add visual interest.

Use clocks that you aready own, or purchase inexpensive versions at places like IKEA, Target, Walmart, or discount stores.
Pictured above:
RUSCH Wall Clock - $2.99 at IKEA
SKARP Alarm Clock - $6.99 at IKEA