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You'll need:
Decorative Sequin Spray Bunches
Colorful Ornaments
Ornament Stand

1. Align the stem of the sequin spray with the center of the ornament stand, then bind them together with ribbon that matches the color of the stand. (Elastic gold ribbon was used in the example above.)
2. Hang your favorite colorful ornaments on the stand hooks, and you’ve got a fun & festive centerpiece!

• Set colorful glass ball ornaments in various sizes on both sides of the centerpiece, all the way down the length of the table. Use votive or tea light holders as a base for the ornaments to keep them in place.


• For a super-easy table-runner, just use gift wrap that matches your color palette!

• Decorate napkins and the “table runner” with strands from the sequin spray or coordinating sequined ribbon, as pictured above.

• Wrap the stems of wine glasses or champagne flutes with colorful metallic chenille craft stems (pipe cleaners). This also makes for a cute bar display when all of the glasses are lined up together!

Shopping Resources:
Ornaments, ornament stand, sequin spray, sequin ribbon, charger plates, white napkins, and gift wrap - ALL from Target.
6ct Multi Glitter Teardrop Boxed Ornament Set  - $7.19 at Target
Metallic chenille craft stems - Michael’s
Gold Charger Plates - $14.94 for 6 at Save-On-Crafts
Gala Wine Glasses - $3.95 ea at Crate & Barrel