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Start with a palette of brilliant blues and greens. Bright aquas, rich teals, and vivid emerald and lime hues make for a gorgeous color combination.

Place Settings:
• An aqua colored cloth or table topper makes a pretty foundation for a Peacock-themed holiday table. Jewel-toned dishes and chargers also work beautifully with this theme.

• Fold simple white napkins into "pockets" and tuck a peacock feather into each pocket. Decorate the napkin with a band of ribbon and a jewel-toned vase gem (as shown) or large craft rhinestone hot-glued in the center of the band.

• Embellish wine or cocktail glasses with the same vase gems or craft rhinestones used on your napkins. Start by wrapping approximately 1/2" of the stem with thin silver ribbon. Tie the ribbon off and snip the edges close to the knot. Next, hot-glue your gem or stone onto the ribbon-wrapped portion of the stem.

• Place a wreath made of peacock feathers flat-side-down on the center of the table. (The peacock wreath shown here is available in-store at Michael's.)

• Next, place an oversize glass vase in the center of the wreath. Fill the vase with blue, green, and peacock-themed ball ornaments. Tuck tall stems of decorative peacock feathers into the vase to create a feather "bouquet". (Depending on the width of your vase, it may be easiest to put the feather stems in the vase first, then fill the space around it with the ball ornaments.)

More fun ways to fill the table:

• Hang ball ornaments and peacock bird ornaments from silver ornament trees.
• Fill thin cylinder-shaped vases with translucent aqua vase gems, then place a sparkly holiday floral bloom on top of the vase.
• Fill wide cylinder vases with glass ball ornaments, and wrap glittered floral garland around the base of the vase.
• Set jewel-toned frames and glittery blue and green ornaments near your centerpiece, vases, drink displays, etc.


Peacock Wreath & Ornaments - Michaels
Tall Glass Vase - Target
Blue & Green Ball Ornaments - Target
Silver Ornament Tree Stand - Target
Aqua Table Linen - Plum Party
Grosgrain Ribbon (Teal) - Container Store
Aqua Vase Gems - Michael's
Frame - Z Gallerie
Meg Wine Glasses - Crate&Barrel
Glittered Snowflake Ornaments - Target

Glittery Holiday Flowers & garland (blue & green) - Micheal's
Small/Medium Cylinder Vases -