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Use decorative elements to add varying levels of height to your buffets. For example, pillar candlesticks, glass vases filled with tinted water, or small bowls flipped upside down to act as pedestals.

Display appetizers in creative arrangements, such as circles fanned out around the edge of the plate or modern rows.

Embellish serving dishes with attractive elements like mini flower arrangements, pineapple tops, ti leaves, or a colorful floral bloom – such as the Pincushion Protea and tinted blue Spider Mums pictured here.

Serve food in creative containers. For example, use an oversize margarita glass to hold chips, displayed next to a regular-sized margarita glass filled with salsa.

Add some decorative accents to the buffet such as contemporary vases, creative flower arrangements, or a framed sign that features an appropriate message for guests like "Eat Up... Hope You're Hungry!". Click here to download the buffet sign featured above.

Refreshing, fruity drinks are perfect for hot summer days! Keep things easy on yourself by mixing up cool, delicious cocktails made with Frozen BACARDI® Mixers.

Serve a variety of cocktails so that guests can pick their favorite flavor to enjoy. Warm-weather favorites like Strawberry Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Mango Margaritas, and Classic Mojitos are perfect for summer parties!

Display cocktails in neat rows on a colorful serving tray, along with a few different fruit garnishes that guests can choose from and add to their drink. Things like strawberries, blueberries, and lemon wheels will add a nice pop of color to the cocktail.

Add a playful touch to cocktails with colorful drink parasols. Check out the DIY paper parasol project from the Tabletop section to learn how to make these.

Display a framed sign next to the drinks that reads "Help Yourself to Something Refreshing". Click here to download the sign featured above.

Use food coloring to tint water red, yellow, and blue. Fill glass vases with the tinted water and a colorful floral blooms.

Decorate pillar candles with ribbon and display them in large glass cylinders filled with a few inches of white sand. Embellish each glass cylinder with a band of fabric ribbon. Display the candle cylinders on colorful charger plates or serving trays, and surround them with small red and blue paper lanterns. If the party is at night, fill the paper lanterns with battery-powered LED tea lights.


Please drink responsibly.