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Start with a vibrant color palette that's perfect for summer: bright red, white, aqua, and yellow.


For a fun centerpiece, fill a large glass vase with small red and aqua paper lanterns. Embellish the vase with a band of striped fabric ribbon, securing the ribbon edges with hot glue or glue dots. Add a few inches of white sand to the bottom of the vase, and decorate a few of the paper lanterns with raffia or ribbon.


Choose plates, napkins, and utensils that match your party palette. Alternate colors at each place setting to mix things up. For example, put yellow plates topped with red napkins next to red plates topped with blue napkins.

Quick Tip: Acrylic or melamine plates and disposable partyware are great for outdoor entertaining and keep clean-up quick & easy so that you have more time to enjoy the party!

Turn napkins at a 45º angle and roll them until the top and bottom of the napkin form a triangular shape. Tuck utensils inside the napkin roll.

Create your own napkin rings using ribbon and a 2" strip of a paper napkin in a contrasting color. Use tape to secure the back of the napkin rings.

Add colorful place cards to each setting that feature different, yet coordinating patterns. Click here to download the place cards used here.


Dress up refreshing summer cocktails with colorful drink parasols!

You'll need:
bamboo skewers, parasol patterns, glue stick, tape, and glue dots or hot glue


1. Click here to download the patterns for the red, white, blue, and yellow drink parasols pictured here.

2. Print and cut out the parasol patterns, then cut a slit from the edge of each pattern to its center. Slightly overlap the sides of the slit until the circle forms a parasol shape, securing the edges with glue stick and tape. 

3. Use glue dots or a dab of hot blue to the underside of the parasol's point, using it to secure the bamboo skewer in place. Trim the bamboo skewer to desired height.