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Colorful Summer Grilling Party


Grilled Hot Dogs Station
Fire up that grill and treat your guests to a tasty menu starring Hebrew National’s 100% Kosher beef hot dogs and grilled corn, veggies, and fruit. Set up a build-it-yourself hot dog station filled with a variety of fresh toppings like salsa, meatless chili, coleslaw, grilled corn and black beans, sliced tomatoes, diced onions, & more.

Kick basic condiment bottles up a notch by replacing the labels with some of our free decorative party circles, and add extra splashes of color to the entire hot dog station with framed party prints. Click here to download the "Grilled Hot Dogs" and "Come and Get Your Grill On" signs pictured above.

A DIY Kettle Grill or Mini Modern Grill Trio (see tutorial here) makes for great Hot Dog Station accent decor as well!


Grilled Corn "BBQ Display"
Grilled corn looks extra cute when it's served on a stick – and it's actually easier to hold that way, too! For a creative presentation, display corn cob skewers from a makeshift "grill" fashioned from a rectangular container filled with foam and charcoal and topped with silver trivets for the "grill". I used 2 small stainless steel Lamplig trivets from IKEA for the "grill top" pictured here, which was super quick and easy! (You could also create your own grill top from painted bamboo skewers as an alternative.) Decorative paper and a party circle design from the printable collection adds a nice pop of color.


Fruity Popsicle Cocktails
These refreshing, perfect-for-summer cocktails are super easy and delicious! You can make them any flavor you like – we used strawberry and tangerine fruit bars here. Make sure to use popsicles made with real fruit for the freshest taste.

To create a light spritzer, combine equal parts champagne & ginger ale. For a fruity cocktail, go with 3 parts ginger ale to 1 part white rum or vodka. Add the popsicles to either version right before serving. They’ll dissolve into the drinks as guests enjoy them. Want to make a “mocktail” version for the little ones? Simply leave out the alcohol and dip popsicles into ginger ale or sparkling fruit soda.


Creative Water Bottle Labels
Even basic water bottles can pack a colorful punch! Customize them with free printable “Refresh” and “Thirst Quencher” water bottle labels.


BBQ Themed Place Settings
Keep your outdoor tablescape shatterproof AND stylish with premium partyware like reusable heavyweight plastic and bamboo. We mixed Carribean blue dinner plates and sunshine yellow tumblers with bamboo salad plates and utensils for a rustic touch, then punched up the color with summer grilling party printables.

Paper napkin rings feature a modern pattern and retro hot dog graphics, while decorative striped paper straws are embellished with "ENJOY" flags. Each place setting also features hand-cut silhouettes of charcoal grills and BBQ tools. Leave a small white border all the way around the silhouettes when trimming them out. (Tip: If it’s windy at all outside, you can temporarily secure the BBQ silhouettes to the place settings with glue dots until it’s time to eat!)


Mini Charcoal Grill Place Card Holders
These DIY "Mini Charcoal Grill Place Card Holders" are one of my favorite details from this theme! They're fashioned from tiny stainless steel bowls (purchased at IKEA), lollipop sticks for the "legs", and buttons for the "wheels". Use hot glue to assemble the legs and wheels, then fill the bowl with crushed charcoal (or crushed chocolate shortbread cookies as an alternative).

For the finishing touch, insert fiery flame silhouette name cards into the charcoal. You can download the place cards for free right here, then customize them with your own names or phrases either digitally or by hand. Leave a small white border all the way around the design when trimming it out.


DIY Tutorial: Modern Mini Grill Trio Centerpiece

You'll Need:
– Charcoal Briquettes (the kind without lighter fluid), partially crushed
– Orange sprinkles for "embers"
– Shot glasses or small candle holders for "stands" in 3 different heights (*see Note)
– Brilliant Metallic Silver Spray Paint
– Black Spray Paint
– Bamboo Skewers (approximately 5 sticks per grill)
– Hot Glue Gun
– Strong scissors or wire cutters

*Note: For my "stands" I used a tall shot glass, a regular sized shot glass, and a Tiny Stainless Steel Bowl from IKEA that was leftover from the DIY bbq place card holders



Partially crush a few charcoal briquettes for each bowl and set aside. Paint the bamboo skewers black and let dry. Paint your bases silver and let dry.

Lay the painted skewers on top of each bowl to figure out size & placement, then trim them down to size using strong scissors or a wire cutter, but don't glue them on yet. (My bowls were 5”, 6” and 6” and I used 5 skewers per "grill".)

Fill bowls about half way with crushed charcoal, then hot glue the trimmed black skewers to the top of the bowl to create the "grills".

Flip your painted silver "stands" upside down and use hot glue to attach them to each grill.

Arrange in a trio for your table centerpiece. They look cute as they are, or you can top them with signs and decorative "food" – like the mini wooden "hot dogs" pictured here! (The "hot dogs" are just wooden dowels cut down to size and painted red.)


More Food & Tabletop Highlights:

– Serve side dishes like pasta salad, fruit, and other summer favorites in colorful Berry Baskets lined with red cellophane to play up the idea of flames bursting from a hot grill. Playful Wooden Spoons from Sucre Shop add a touch of fun.

– DIY Tissue Tassel Garlands make for a pretty backdrop or colorful overhang for the food buffet or Hot Dog Station.

– Serve grilled watermelon wedges and pineapple for a healthy sweet treat.