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The great thing about summer BBQ's is that it's all about the FOOD & DRINKS! That said, you can definitely add some creativity to your edibles to make them pull double-duty as party decor too. Here are some quick & easy ideas utilizing easy-to-find materials and our free Summer BBQ party printables:


CORN ON THE COB STICKS (served in corn chips!)

This is a fun & easy way to serve barbecued corn! The base of the display is very similar to the Hot Dog Station centerpiece, as outlined in the tabletop section. All you need is a rectangular vase, 1.5 bricks of floral foam, corn chips, bamboo skewers, and small pieces of corn (cut ears into 2-3 pieces).

Fill the vase with foam, using additional small pieces as needed to ensure a snug fit. Insert bamboo skewers into each of your corn pieces. Trim a couple inches off the skewers and make sure they're all about the same height. Insert the skewers into the foam, spreading them out evenly, then cover the foam completely with corn chips. Optional: embellish the outside of the vase with a red & white checkered tablecloth pattern.



Serve flavored sodas that match your theme, such as the red & yellow sparkling sodas we have here, and embellish the bottles with red & white "picnic tablecloth" pattern. We cut strips from a plastic picnic tablecloth to dress up the bottles in this spread. The tablecloth was only $7 at Target and provided more than enough material for the entire party! The other great thing about using a plastic cloth is that it stands up to condensation well… you could even submerse these decorated bottles tubs of ice!



Instead of setting out huge bowls of potato salad, scoop individual portions into plastic tumblers – each one already set up with a colorful fork – to make them easy for guests to grab & eat! Add some creativity to the display by serving them on a large platter lined with the picnic tablecloth pattern and accented with a themed label.



Water looks so much more exciting when dressed up with a themed label, don' t you think?! Us too… that's why we've got these BBQ-themed "Thirst Quencher" labels all ready to go for you. Just download them for free right here, then print, cut, and tape!



You'll need:
– Drink tub or galvanized bucket. (The slanted bucket pictured here was purchased at Target.)
– Printable "DRINK UP" Sign
– wooden dowel rods (available at craft stores)
– tape
– plastic picnic tablecloth

Print & download the free drink sign. Cut it out by hand, leaving a white border all the way around the design. (No need to be overly precise! It will still look good.)

Use wooden dowels & tape to attach the sign to the outside of your drink tub.

Embellish the tub with a large strip of plastic checkered tablecloth (optional).

Fill the tub with your favorite frosty beverages and LOTS of ice!