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Centerpiece How-to's:
• Start with a cream tablecloth and pretty yellow paper or fabric table runner. Our "runner" was created from two 12x12" sheets of golden yellow scrapbook paper, then embellished with a row of autumn-toned buttons running down both sides.

• Wrap a wide band of patterned paper around a cylinder vase, and embellish with ribbon and a coordinating paper tag. Fill the vase with exotic-looking dried flowers, such as the pretty burnt orange Protea pictured here, which was purchased at Michael's.

• Fill white votives with a bundle of cinnamon sticks. Bind the sticks together with deep orange rafia. The cool votives pictured here were purchased at IKEA for .99 each, and we embellished them with a simple band of chocolate satin ribbon.

Place Setting How-to's:

• Start with 12x12" sheets of your patterned scrapbook paper to act as placemats for your table.

Fold cream napkins into simple, chic squares, and lay a mini bundle of 3 cinnamon sticks atop each napkin. Tie a scrapbook tag onto the bundle with deep orange rafia, and use the tag as a place card - or embellish it with an autumn or Thanksgiving-themed scrapbook rub-ons featuring words and phrases such as "give thanks", "blessings",  and "fall". 
(pictured here: Karen Foster Design Autumn Rub-bits).

• Create custom drink charms for your stemware with mini coaster tags. Simply punch a tiny hole into one of the coasters, then thread it onto a strand of natural or orange rafia. Wrap the rafia around the glass a few times, then tie in a knot and snip the ends to equal length. Easy and adorable! (You can also create drink tags from your paper using a small circle-shaped craft punch.)

*This tabletop theme was designed using SEI's Madera Island scrapbook paper & embellishments, but you can use this exact same concept with your own favorite patterned paper design. Choosing a paper design that has ready-made coordinating tags & embellishments available will make your life easier - but you can always create your own tags and charms from the paper using scissors and craft punches if need be!