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Fun and Creative Big Game Bash

As we mentioned earlier, Big Game viewing parties are all about the food - so when it comes to decor, a football themed DESSERT TABLE takes center stage!

Kick-Off Cupcakes
Cupcakes are always a crowd favorite. Whip up a couple of your own favorite flavors, then customize them for your big game party with our football player and referee themed circle toppers and cupcake wrappers, which were hand-cut from football themed papers. (We also used a "Grass" piping tip from Wilton to give one of our cupcake flavors a grassy frosting look. Super easy!)

To make the cupcake wrappers, cut and trace this template onto our free football themed paper patterns. Use double-stick tape or a glue stick to secure the wrappers around each cupcake. For the toppers, use a 2" circle craft punch on the party circles to cut them out, then glue them to toothpicks or wooden cocktail skewers.

Game Snacks
Create cute and easy custom treat bags for snacks like popcorn, chips, party mix, and more by embellishing simple mini paper bags (available at most craft stores) with our Big Game paper patterns and embellishments. You'll need to first trim the bags down to around 4" tall so they're more of a square shape, then cover the front of each bag with patterned paper (like the chalkboard motif and referree stripe designs used here). Our finished bags pictured here measured exactly 3.5" wide by 4" tall. For the finishing touch, add a "Touchdown" or "Score" embellishment to the front of the bags.


Football Player Silhouettes
Download and print these free, contemporary football player silhouettes to display throughout the party space. They feature a football-friendly color palette of grass green, penalty flag yellow, and referee jersey black & white, and are an inexpensive way to really play up your theme! You'll need to print them on 11x17 paper, then cut them out by hand, leaving a small white border all the way around each design. To display these silhouettes in our Big Game Bash, we picked up some unfinished open wood frames from Michaels for only $1 each and painted them with black chalkboard paint to help tie into the blackboard texture elements of some of the paper graphics.


Football Field Table Cover
Make a bold statement by covering your main buffet area with inexpensive artificial grass in order to mimic the look of a football field. Artificial turf is available at home stores like Home Depot and Lowes, and they can cut it down to size for you. Dark green felt or fabric will also work as an alternative option. Use white ribbon to add "yard lines", or paint them on if you're feeling extra crafty!