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It's Game Time Football Party

Described Below: FOOD & DESSERTS



Personality Food Display:
– Because any party is filled with lots of personalities we styled this food display to cater to all types of guests whether they are: "The Nibbler" and only like small bites, "The Fumbler" who can't seam to hold onto anything, the "Stockpiler" who can never get enough on a plate, or "The Sampler" who likes a little bit of everything.
– We styled the table so that "Nibblers" had mini plates with 3 pieces of popcorn chicken, "Fumblers" had picks in those hard to hold onto wings, "Stockpilers" had a mound of food, and "Samplers" had little plates of 3 different kinds of bites.

Whistle Cupcakes:
Cupcakes are always a crowd favorite! Whip up a batch of vanilla ones and then customize them for your big game party with our hand-cut whistle silhouette cupcake toppers and our football helmet cupcake wrappers.

Field Goal Cupcakes:
– Because one flavor of cupcakes is never enough make sure to make some chocolate ones too! The brown cake will look like soil and then top it off with vanilla icing that is colored green for a grass effect. We used a "Grass" piping tip from Wilton to give them a grass-like look.
– To make the "field goal" cupcake toppers use yellow Candy Melts and pipe lines in a field goal shape on wax paper. Once they are completely dry peel them off the wax paper and stick them in the center of each cupcake.
– We also covered the base of each cupcake with a helmet cupcake topper.

Pennant Flag Cookies:

– Make your favorite sugar cookie dough and roll out a thick layer of it. Cut out triangular pennant flag shapes and press a water soaked bamboo skewer in the back side of the cookie. Make sure that the dough is very cold and firm before baking so that the cookies hold their shape. Once they are completely baked and cooled, ice them in the accent colors of your party and pipe on fun game time terms like, "Football", "Touchdown" and "Game Time".
– We displayed our cookies in silver painted, wooden boxes filled with a foam block and silver metallic tissue shreds.
– We also added black and white yarn poms that were glued on dowels for an extra added texture to the cookie arrangements.
– You can also embellish your silver boxes with our small printable silhouettes like we did with the hands.

Note: If you want to display your cookies standing up be sure to keep their size and thickness moderate so that they are not too heavy to be supported by the foam and bamboo skewer.



– Theme styling & design: Hostess with the Mostess®
– Party Printables (available here): Hostess with the Mostess®

– Theme Partner: Tyson