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Author: Paula Jones

Photos by: Paula Jones

Website: bell'alimento

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bell'alimento (Italian for "beautiful food") is a fresh food blog authored by Paula Jones, a food writer and recipe developer specializing in Italian cuisine. Paula's food philosophy is that beautiful food doesn't have to be complicated. is Paula's culinary outlet for delicious recipes & features mouth watering food photography that's sure to leave you wanting more.

The majority of the recipes at bell'alimento are Italian inspired, but you'll also find many other types of recipes featured there as well. There's something for everyone!
Buon Appetito!

About the Author:

Paula Jones was born in Georgia, but had the honor of being raised all over the United States, thanks to her father being in the military. She also had the great privilege of living in Italy for many years where she fell in love with the Italian culture, it's people, & especially it's food. Her passion for food began and continues to stem from her time in Italy.

In addition to writing and developing recipes for, Paula also contributes to numerous online food communities.