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Big Small Plates

Big Small Plates

Author: Cindy Pawlycn, Pablo Jacinto & Erasto Jacinto

Published by: Ten Speed Press (September 20, 2006)


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Fans of Cindy Pawlcyn's Mustards Grill have been getting full meals out of out of her sampler-size starters for years. In BIG SMALL PLATES, Cindy brings home the biggest trend in eating out, with generously scaled recipes that promise less fuss and more flavors than traditional appetizers. The wide-ranging collection of universally appealing recipes spans soups, finger foods, salads, scoopables, and even sweets designed to satisfy big appetites as well as grazers. An alternative to conventional main-course cooking, Cindy's small-plate recipes deliver the inspiration and reliability that make this new way of eating--and entertaining--practical at home.