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Feeding Groom

Feeding Groom

Author: Mary Coleman Palmer

Website: Feeding Groom

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About the Author:

My love of cooking began when I was a child. My mother, a wonderful cook herself, taught me the alphabet with our herbs and spices.

And that was the beginning!

I havenít stopped cooking since. From a summer job in high school as an chefís assistant in a small French restaurant, to catering for 500 people, itís been a wild ride.

Iím a Southern girl born and bred. But that doesnít mean Iím limited to that kind of cooking. My soul mate inspired my writing Feeding Groom, a blog about life, love and the pursuit of one great meal every day. Thereís always something new around the corner in the food world, waiting to be tried, tested and devoured.

And Iím just the one to do it!