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Fun and Food Cafe

Fun and Food Cafe

Author: Mansi Desai

Website: Fun and Food Cafe

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As the name suggests, Fun and Food Cafe is all about Cooking, Eating, Entertaining and Healthy Living! The main site brings to you a diverse set of International recipes, all tried-and-tested by chefs and expert cooks, so you can create these culinary delicacies yourself at home. Mingled between the recipes, you will also find some worthy reads about health, entertaining ideas and tips, and products and reviews that are worth a mention. And when you are done here, just hop on to Mansi's personal Cooking Blog called Fun and Food for some more delicious recipes, straight from her kitchen!

About the Author:

Born and raised in India, and been living in the US since past 8 years, Mansi has loved working with ingredients from all around the world. She loves experimenting with foods and flavors, and her Indian take on international recipes exudes her own cooking style! She loves entertaining family and friends at home, and is always on the lookout for trying some new recipes, albeit, with her own special twist! Besides cooking, she also enjoys traveling, adventure sports, reading, writing and singing.