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Hip Sips: Modern Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits

Hip Sips: Modern Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits

Author: Lucy Brennan, Carolyn Burleigh & Sheri Giblin

Published by: Chronicle Books (January 1, 2007)


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Lucy Brennan shakes up the cocktail world with more than 60 refreshing drinks brimming with exotic combinations of ripened fruits, herbs, flavorings, and spirits. Guava Cosmos, a martini as smooth as James Bond, a frosty bowl of passion fruit-infused citrus punch. . . Add a few recipes for fruit pur es and infused vodkas, the author's signature garnishes (like lollipop rims, citrus twists, and berry picks), and a waterproof clear vinyl jacket, and this handy little book will turn the home bar into a hip and happening hotspot.