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Killer Pies

Killer Pies

Author: Stephanie Anderson

Published by: Becker & Mayer; Spi edition


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Key Lime . . . Peach blackberry . . . Sour cream raisin . . . Maple walnut . . . Chocolate pecan . . . Killer Pies presents 50 fresh-baked recipes from award-winning bakers across North America. These passionate pie masters share their fail-proof methods for producing flaky perfection in delicious, unforgettable variations on this classic dessert. Luscious color photographs accompany each tried-and-true recipe along with a regional guide to the diners, cafes, bakeries, and farms that serve up the originals. Stuffed with the tastiest ingredients from Santa Fe to Winnipeg, Killer Pies serves up a sweet filling of mouthwatering satisfaction!