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Mixing Bowl Kids


Mixing Bowl Kids is a fun and fabulous food blog written by Jannise Scott, a food writer, party planner and cooking instructor specializing in healthy cooking for kids. Mixing Bowl Kids is a food lovers visual sensation, featuring yummy recipes and wonderful food photography that is sure to get you and your kids into the kitchen creating fast, simple and delicious meals. Highlighting recipes that kids will love to eat as well as prepare, this family website is not to be missed.

About the Author:

Jannise Scott was born in Kingston, Ontario, and currently lives in Toronto, with dreams of one day residing in the culinary centre of the universe...Paris! Motivated to provide her two young boys with healthy meals that could be prepared quickly and easily, with the assistance of their little hands, Mixing Bowl Kids was born. The enthusiasm with which her two boys took to cooking and baking, has motivated her to spread her love for her two favourite things, food and children, to parents and kids everywhere. Jan is currently organizing kids cooking classes set to launch in the fall of 2009