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Modern Indian Cooking

Modern Indian Cooking

Author: Hari Nayak adn Vikas Khanna

Photos by: Jack Turkel and Ken Jones

Published by: Silverback Books


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This book represents our take on Modern Indian Cuisine, prepared using fresh flavorful ingredients, designed to accommodate the modern lifestyle. Indian cooking is often perceived as intimidating due to the use of wide range of unusual ingredients and complex cooking procedures. Our book is an attempt to recreate classic Indian dishes by using simplistic techniques along with a delicious juxtaposition of non Indian ingredients. We have strived to bring traditional Indian cuisine to simplified levels fit for modern living and entertaining, while keeping the flavors and authenticity intact.

About the Author:

Hari is a graduate of Culinary Institute of America, New York. He has a graduate degree in hotel and hospitality management. Hari's classical European and American training combined with the distinct influence of the culture and cuisine of India throws a vibrant twist and restaurants and food organizations. He is the recipient depth in the flavors of his creations. He is a co-founder of cooking for life.
Vikas is the chef and consultant to severalof many awards and recognitions from the world press for his blend of traditional and modern cooking styles. He is the founder of cooking for life.