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Nibbled: 200 Fabulous Finger Food Ideas

Nibbled: 200 Fabulous Finger Food Ideas

Author: Katy Holder

Photos by: Tim Robinson

Published by: Thunder Bay Press (April 10, 2005)


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Following Squeezed and Shaken, Nibbled takes this innovative cookbook series beyond the sippable, and straight into the deliciously chewable. Classic finger food recipes are joined by the hip flavors of Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine in this comprehensive collection.

Beautifully accented by textural page design and ambiance photography, Nibbled is much more than a cookbook. Here are more than 200 innovative but simple recipes ranging from champagne brunch to picnics, afternoon tea, cocktail parties, and late-night lounge nibbles. This modern take on stylish entertaining features tasty small bites that can be mixed and matched for any occasion or inspiration. Full-color food photography is featured throughout.