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Rookie Cookie

Rookie Cookie

Author: Whitney L. Ingram

Website: Rookie Cookie

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At Rookie Cookie, author Whitney Ingram writes entertaining anecdotes of the day-to-day and shares the recipes that excite those around her and spark her active culinary imagination.

About the Author:

Whitney Ingram is a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and the food blogger behind Rookie Cookie. When crafting a recipe, whole foods are Whitney's first priority. She creates, and her passion for these fresh, whole ingredients spill out of the kitchen and onto the internet, making Rookie Cookie.

Because she delights in the art of cooking and relishes the finished product, Whitney has developed a love for the goods of the kitchen. She savors spice, tastes and plump produce and is enthusiastic about passing that passion onto her children.

Whitney's purpose in the kitchen is to create recipes that intrigue her tastes and those of husband Ethan while introducing her two sons, Jack and Van, to ingredients that keep them satisfied, avoiding the toddler rut of chicken nuggets and quesadillas. Thus, her specialty are recipes that are accessible to busy parents and expose children to new and unique ingredients. She makes this kind of cooking a priority because she believes in the power of a family meal around the table.