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Shaken: 250 Classic Cocktails with a Twist

Shaken: 250 Classic Cocktails with a Twist

Author: Jane Lawson

Published by: Thunder Bay Press (November 23, 2004)


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From their rustic beginnings masking fiery bootleg hootch, cocktails are now on the cusp of a golden age. Distillers are infusing classic spirits such as gin, vodka, and tequila with exciting new flavors, promising infinite possibilities for those seeking the latest liquid sensation. Despite their glamorous appearance, cocktails are surprisingly easy to mix up. With a little practice, a few basic tools and ingredients, and a well-developed sense of fun, even the most novice bartender wannabe can host swanky soirees using these intoxicating drinks. Recipes include Classic Martini, Orange Jelly Shot, Rusty Nail, Old-Fashioned, Passion Fruit and Vodka Jelly Shot, and Mojito.