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The Sopranos Family Cookbook

The Sopranos Family Cookbook

Author: Allen Rucker & Michele Scicolone

Published by: Warner Books (September 24, 2002)


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Featuring fabulous Southern Italian recipes, photos, and lore from the hit show, this book will have millions of fans eating like their favourite family. Featuring mouthwatering recipes and family food stories straight from the kitchens of The Sopranos and their friends, The Sopranos Family Cookbook is sure to satisfy readers' hunger and craving for more of The Sopranos. Including the histoory of Neapolitan cuisine and 100 recipes created with the characters in mind, plus luscious pictures of the savory dishes, readers will be baking ziti as good as Carmela's in no time. These are the dishes that the first generation Sopranos brought over from Naples and Avellino and the fourth generation still enjoys. In addition, the book has colour photos of Tony, his family, and his 'family' eating and cooking beautiful Italian meals. Whether it's creating sumptuous Italian pastries or traditional Neapolitan feasts, The Sopranos Family Cookbook lets fans enjoy their favourite show at the table. Allen Rucker has written numerous award-winning television specials and documentaries, including Family Values: The Mob and the Movies. Michele Scicolone has written six Italian cookbooks, some of which have been nominated for Julia Child and James Beard Foundation Awards, and has appeared on Emeril Live and Good Morning America.